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As with any performance driven machine, Ferrari's & Maserati's require regularly scheduled maintenance. We offer product knowledge, factory parts, fluids that meet factory specifications, and high quality aftermarket parts to maintain your vehicles high performance that you expect.

Annual Service

Ferrari & Maserati recommend an oil service & brake fluid flush annually as a minimum service.

Timing Belt Service

Ferrari recommends replacing the timing belts every 3 years or 30,000 Miles whichever comes first.

Some 12 Cylinder Ferraris have belts with recommended intervals of 3 years or 50,000 miles whichever comes first.

2 Year Service

Every other year, Ferrari & Maserati 

recommend replacement of all fluids and any filters necessary.

(Pollen Filter)

4 Year Service

Cars with timing chains (not belts) are recommended to have all fluids, any necessary filters, serpentine belt or auxiliary belts and spark plugs to be checked or replaced. 

Major Service

What is a Major Service at the Dealer?

The major service at the dealer is a belts service plus a 2 year service and then they add spark plugs, air filters and fuel filter(s) depending on model.

What you don’t get are cam seals and cam cover gaskets. Let’s say the major service is on a 360. After they’ve given you a price for the major service they will then tell you the cam covers or seals are leaking and it will be another 14 hours of labor. This applies to 355, 360, 550, 575 and 612. The additional labor varies with models.

Cars that have adjustable valves should have the cam covers, cam seals and valve adjustment, parts and labor, included in their quote. But be sure to ask!

If you are calling and getting an estimate for a major service, know they just want to get you in the door with a low quote.

At Maranello Motorworks if you come in for a major service and the cam covers/seals are not leaking, we can always adjust it to less labor.

Call or email with any questions

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